Wytheville Lions Club

District 24C

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Contact Information

Meeting Day: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm

Meeting Place: Wytheville Golf Club, 1325 West Lee Highway, Wytheville, VA 24382

Wytheville Lions Club, P.O. Box 291, Wytheville VA 24382

email: wythevillelions@gmail.com

Phone: 276-620-2564 - President - Terry Bass

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The Wytheville Lions were chartered March 12,1941.  The first President of the Club was Rev. Andrew R. Bird, Jr., Pastor of Wytheville Presbyterian Church.  There were 28 charter members.  The only other Civic Club was the Rotary Club.  The original name was "The Lion's Club of Wytheville".  When it was incorporated in 1954, the name became "Wytheville Lion's Club, Incorporated".  In November 1942, the club had its first money raising event, a community talent show entitled "Gay Nineties Review", a John B. Rogers production. In  1944, the Club started today's main fund raising project-The Charity Carnival. Believe it or not, the Carnival occupied the estimated 20ft space between Baldwins and The Paper Clip Buildings and only incorporated Bingo and Penny Pitch. During this era, highly recognized for significant Lion contribution and contributions to Wythe County in general was Mr. Keller Sharitz.  Also recognized as "Friends of Lions" were Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Bowman, Dr. William F. Snyder, Mr. Jack W. Bogle and Mr. Jack Mobellini .  As is well known, the Carnival Tents and original games came from a local mechanic's lien where the Lions Club purchased the equipment.  As is recognized, our very own Mr. Eural Clippard was the areas first District Governor, "a gentleman of considerable gifts".  Eural was also Club President in the 1970-1971 year.  Hope you enjoyed this bit of history as sampled from "A HISTORY OF THE WYTHEVILLE LIONS CLUB by R. WILLIAM ARTHUR in 1988.